Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pisces-Aries conflict

Last week in Olde Mandeville, there was a Dickens Christmas playing out on the street. A 4 block radius was shut off from traffic and vendors displayed their wares; Wassail and roasted chestnuts were available. There was a parade with Santa heading it and the cast from "A Christmas Carol" walked behind him down Girard St.

I followed the throng down the street, talking to my daughter, Julia. I didn't see the life-size blackboard in the middle of the street announcing a Scrooge Screaming contest at 2. I hit the board with an impact and took it down, lying flat on it, in the middle of the street. I popped off of it fast and stood it up. I was not fast enough and drew attention to the loud sound a blackboard makes when an adult woman uses her weight to smash it down to the concrete road. I fussed at my daughter, "couldn't you have told me about that?" It wasn't her fault. I have ADD, or selective ADD my sister would say.

I have processed that and can make something of it - like, "can't miss the signs." It isn't like I want or like the attention. I usually like subtle humor compared to slapstick. My Mercury in Pisces is very comfortable being invisible, behind the scenes. But because it is in Aries domain (1st house), and conjunct my Ascendant, I am very good at getting attention, whether I like it or not. I out myself all the time.


Kim Ayres said...

A closet exhibitionist :)

Jupiter's Girl said...

In most cases, I prefer the closet to the exhibit, or spectacle, I make of myself.

When I came home and recounted the story and my embarrassmentto my 14 year old son, he deadpanned that I probably wasn't as emabarrassed as Julia was. That's right; he kicked me while I was down. Kids...