Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chinese New Year Display

Before working for a distributor, I never gave much thought at all as to how groceries got to the shelf. I was content to just push my cart around, mostly wishing that I was back at home with a cup of tea.

It seems like hours before I can complete my shopping mission and get out of the store, especially if it is a Super WalMart expedition. I'll be there a long time as I remember an item that is across the store, where I may have started - then ping-pong back to the opposite side for something else on my list that I forgot. I try to be organized, but maybe it's the flourescent lighting, or the muzak, or running into people I hadn't seen in a while and exchanging chit chat, or something to make the shopping take so long.

People with ADD need to give themselves plenty of time for grocery shopping.

I am putting together displays with some of the Asian products my company stocks all week in preparation for the Chinese New Year on Sunday, Feb 18th. Isn't it colorful?

Y'all better buy this stuff.


Kim Ayres said...

I can see we might just end up at the Chinese Takeaway next weekend then

Jupiter's Girl said...

It will be the year 4705 - year of the Pig.

Mmmm, I love Kung Pao Shrimp, Crab Rangoons, Shrimp Toast, and those potatoes with lots of garlic at the Empire Buffet.