Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Venus is in the sign of Pisces

For Valentine's Day, one couldn't get a more exalted placement for the planet whose function is to love and be loved. Pisces is totality. Venus here knows about unconditional love and merging with another to become One. And today, Venus is sextiling Mars, so there will be plenty of opportunities for us all to express our affections to our loved ones. Let it gush forth.

My husband gave me a dozen red roses yesterday. I thanked him for the gesture. It was sweet of him. The love has only deepened over the years. After a kiss on the lips, I told him that I would prefer other flowers next time (not that he gives me flowers often (about a half dozen times in all of our years together). Roses don't last long. One of them is finished and the others are on their way out. And where's the aroma? I don't smell them. (That's no way to gush, Janine.)

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