Saturday, February 03, 2007

Scenes from Mid-City

Across the street from Liuzza's is a brick bldg, and right next to it is this damaged home with the chairs in front. This pink one is around the corner.

My friend works at Liuzza's in New Orleans. It is a quaint neighborhood place that packs 'em in at lunch and dinner. It's where the locals hang out.

Liuzza's was closed for a year after the hurricane. You can get a picture of what it looked like underwater for $5 from Cathy at the bar.


lucy tierney said...

Nice pix and write-up. I know the neighborhood well - lived there when I was 22 and miss the only charming Whole Foods. Lucy Wells Tierney

Jupiter's Girl said...

Mid-city is a unique and quaint part of town - full of character. It's where words 'this' and
'that' come out 'dis' and 'dat'. It's a shame that it is such a mess still. I would like Mayor Wonka, as he is called because of his "chocolate city" reference, would help get it straight. The streets are full of potholes. A new hurricane season will be here before you know it.

An aside: Mandina's just re-opened this week. Love those marinated crab claws of theirs. A couple of weeks ago, I was looking at the "opening soon" sign plastered across the front of the bldg. when I hit a huge pothole - one with a sign over it. I am lucky it just put a little dent in the front fender and didn't bust my tire.