Friday, February 16, 2007

solar returns

The solar return is when the Sun gets to the exact degree every year when you were born. You celebrate your birthday on the same day every year, but the solar return could be a day or two different. Today is my solar return, at 5:05 pm to be exact. It sets the pace for the upcoming year.

I have many major transits right now. Any one of them, by itself, would be promising. If nothing happens this year, like I am intending, then I am throwing away my books, uninstalling my astrology software, and finding some religion to throw msyelf into.

Tonight, I have plans on a backburner to celebrate in a hedonistic way, at an Irish Pub in New Orleans with my old roomie and drinking buddy, Cathy. She frequents a place that is full of Irish men whom she reports tell jokes and stories, sing songs, and speak Gaelic.

I wish to submerge myself in the culture of my ancestors for just one night. I am half Irish (the left side, I'm pretty sure), one quarter Italian, and one quarter Heinz 57 - as my Grandma Ferrara called her ethnicity.

Then again, with the transits I have (namely, Venus conjunct my p-Venus, and Mars conjunct my Venus/Mars), I would do better to stick close to home. A pub full of men might be asking for trouble I don't need.

There are parades to go to this evening. The little people might wish for the diversion too. Family fun? Or, me getting mine? Saturn? Jupiter? I am Jupiter's Girl, but Saturn wants a piece of me as co-ruler of my Aquarian Sun. And ruler of my Venus/Mars. I will always opt for less karma. Saturn wins.

Hey, the day's not over yet. Plenty of time to vacillate and end up with an evening of Irish ditties.

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