Saturday, May 12, 2007

"Palestine - Peace, Not Apartheid" by Jimmy Carter

I barely follow politics at all. It is tedious and I never think I am getting the whole story. World affairs go on with or without my attention. I trust in a higher authority to clear up any messes. It's all in Divine Order anyway.

I love what Jimmy Carter, and Rosalynn too, stands for. I appreciate how patient he remains with leaders he meets with, and how diligently and intelligently he works to resolve the problems in the Middle East.

Years ago, I attended a few Parish Council meetings in my area because I had an issue with the planning and zoning board who told a Sewerage company that it was okay for them to put a treatment plant on the property next to mine. I kept losing my cool about how things were going down. I did a lot of calling to DEQ, Council Reps, P&Z engineers, Tulane Law Clinic, and then finally the EPA - who called the company in question. I was mostly upset about the blatant disregarding of my taking issue with a treatment plant being next door to me. "It was a done deal," I was told - before they even voted on it. I felt very powerless. If I were the kind of person, had the programming and all, I would have sabotaged their efforts in any way.
Man's inhumanity towards man is absolutely stupid and unevolved. A writer to a forum I used to participate in once said of the fighting - "it's like holding your own hands to your neck and strangling." Blame the hands, right?

I think that we, as a race, have gotten so much smarter than to try and destroy OurSelf.


Kim Ayres said...

You can only work with people who are prepared to work with people

Jupiter's Girl said...

Let's just kill the others then. They are ruining it for the rest of us. :}