Monday, May 28, 2007

Your Majesty...

My Jupiterian sister popped in for a visit yesterday with her new man. A co-worker of hers remarked to her the day before that she must have a horseshoe up her ass. She attracts men that are almost half her age. Her new man is sweet, handsome, works hard at his own business, and treats her right. I swear, that girl...!!!

I think it's her joie de vivre that is the most beautiful thing about her. Jupiter is in charge of that. She has a Saj Moon and Ascendant. You don't get much better than that for a positive attitude, except for her Virgo Sun - which keeps it all in check. (I love Virgos.) Cathy is detail-oriented, takes care of many at one time (that service thing Virgos have), and all the while shrugging it off with that Saj wisdom and knowledge that it's all good.

And to boot, she's a very talented artist. I have a painting and two of her prints hanging on my walls around the house. I showed her my new comforter and painted bedroom. New = 1 year old now. I have nothing but a calendar and dream catcher hanging. I asked her to create something to go over my bed. I can't wait to see what she does.

More berries than you can shake a doggone stick at here in my woods.


Kim Ayres said...

With blackberries (also known as brambles in Scotland) like that, I should refer you to:

The Great Bramble Hunt
Bramble Crumble
And of course -
Bramble Crumble Recipe

Jupiter's Girl said...

I am making that Bramble Crumble. Thanks for the links to those posts. Meg is so cute with the blackberry juice on her face. Her eyes look are such a pretty shade of blue. What a great post that was. I am like Maggie in that I often embellish recipes; just using them as guidelines. I bought vanilla ice cream at the grocery the other day with just such a dessert in mind as the Bramble crumble. You make it sound divine. I am sure my man will like it too - what with his enormous sweet tooth and all. I made a carrot cake this evening and he hovered over me as I cut slices to give to a visiting friend. He is very possessive of my baked goods.

Jupiter's Girl said...

Take the word "look" out of that comment. I don't know how to edit comments.