Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Here's to lazy days

I am leaving tomorrow for Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. My skin is the color of milk. I am not worried - SPF 45 will be slathered all over. I am sure that I'll garner a few more freckles and I hope a little redness. I love that slightly sunburned and totally salted all over feeling. It's just for a few days. I'll post some pics when I get back.

Meanwhile, I just have a little problem to worry about while I am gone.

The flip side of Sagittarian is a little too non-chalant about details. Jupiter gets the big picture, just isn't so good at the smaller strokes that make it.

I had another Jupiterian friend drop by the other day. She had a bunch of cats (5 of them) in her 2-door car with her on her way from one of her domiciles to another a few states over. One of them escaped and went into my woods.

I spied the 3-legged, 14 year old cat yesterday. She came out for a moment and when I had her in hand, she jumped from my arms and bolted again. I fear the worst as we have two resident cats that I am sure will try to make mincemeat of her and two dogs, one of which would be scared of the cat, the other - Chip, the lab - will try to play with it to death, I am sure. (We also have a hamster and 3 hermit crabs, probably going on 4 hermit crabs after our trip to the beach. My Julia is a collector of small animals.)

My friend will make the four hour drive back to collect her and is very apologetic and appreciative of my efforts to catch and keep the cat safe until she can get her back. I've got the cat carrier cleaned out and waiting. I will try to shrug that off while hearing whooooooooooossssshhhhhhh, whoooooooooossssshhhhhhhh. (that's the sound of the surf, in case you were wondering.)

Why do I always seem to have something to worry about? I am Jupiter's Girl, but man, that Saturn sure likes to challenge the dickens out of me.

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