Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"The secret method of inviting good fortune..."

The marvelous medicine for all sickness, from the Reiki Masters:

Just for today:
Do not be angry
Do not be worried
Be grateful
Work hard (on improving yourself)
Be kind to others.


Kim Ayres said...

nyah, bollocks...

grumble, moan...

Jupiter's Girl said...

What it didn't say, is "Just for today, I won't feel guilty about anything." That would be My hangup, if anything. As Stuart Smalley would say, "I'm shoulding all over myself."

I have developed a new blog devoted to Astrology; www.astrologyreadingsonline.blogspot.com I last wrote about how one's thinking affects their perception of reality, instead of vice-versa. Actually, it is in so many words that I wrote that - the title is Mercury placements in the horoscope.

Your Mercury and Moon are being influenced by some outer planets at this time, Kim, which I suspect has something to do with your response to this little recitation.

Still, you might be right. There's plenty to grumble and moan about if I think about it.

simplynuttie said...

Thanks for stopping by.

How are you?

Jupiter's Girl said...

Hey, simplynuttie. It's been a while since I stopped by your blog. You've got a nice way with words, Sister.

I've never met anyone from Nigeria before. So pleased to make your acquaintance. Thanks for dropping by.