Saturday, November 24, 2007

Writers forums

I found a new forum - - for writers. I never would have titled myself "writer" - sticking to my two favorite identities (not going to say them again here), but the twist this time that gets me to admit to myself that I am a writer is that they pay. Oh, it's not much, but people don't have to leave a comment, they can just vote on your stuff, and vice versa. You can even vote on one another's comments. I didn't know my comments were being compiled too, but there they are listed for all to see what I wrote and to whom.

I've been reading a lot more poetry than I usually do. I like poetry, even though I don't always get what the words strung together mean, nor why they are put into formats where it might just be a word on a line, or two words. Commas and periods are decoration, I think.

To all the writers who stop by here - check out Share your talent. Get feedback. Inspire others. That's your job.


Kim Ayres said...

Does it look like it's going to generate anything for you? Or is it one of those things where you only stand a chance if you already have a following of 3,000 readers?

Jupiter's Girl said...

I've earned .03 so far and more in "alltimegoodness", whatever that means.

You have much potential, Kim, of earning money. I have always liked how you write and what you write about. You'd be at home, and that's worth something you can't measure by cents.

I also don't know what a widget is or what good it does. I'm too lazy to research it.

I should be writing cover letters and fine-tuning resume's to go with each. It is hard to make myself sit and write. It reminds me so much of my college days and the joke on the Jokemail blog for today-, that made me laugh out loud.