Monday, November 26, 2007


This is Luke(14 mos.) and Jacob(7), sons of twins Angela and Christina, my sisters. You may have seen a few day old Luke in earlier pictures. Now, he's a bruiser of a sweet potato.
Christina announced at thanksgiving the other day that she is expecting a baby next summer. It will be my Mom's 19th grandchild from her 8 children.
My whole family loves babies, children, and people of all ages, really. We pass the little people around and love up on 'em. They, in turn, love each other. My two children like nothing better than holidays where they can see and play with their cousins.
Jacob is going to be a big brother. They are hoping for a girl this time. The ratio in cousin gender is 12 boys to 6 girls so far. My intuition tells me this is a boy too. We don't care - as long as it's healthy is right on. The love is unconditional in this family. I know because I've tested it often enough.

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