Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tribute to J.T.

I only caught maybe the last hour of the PBS tribute to James Taylor last night, but what an extravaganza to fold clothes to. All of the wonderful performers playing his music - it was an awesomely entertaining show.

I saw James Taylor in concert about 15 years ago at the UNO lakefront arena. He is a Master. I love his music and his voice. I loved Cheryl Crow, Jackson Browne, and David Crosby's rendition of "Mexico". And the song that Sting sang was incredibly beautiful. It was about a woman that worked in a factory - running a machine, eating her sandwiches in the lunchroom, all day long it was her and her machine for the rest of her days.

Thanks, James, for all the music you have produced. Two of my personal favorites are "Something in the Way She Moves", and "Sweet Baby James". I wonder if anyone sang "Steamroller, Baby". I like that one too. Pure genius, James.

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