Thursday, August 17, 2006

get your trunk and go

Thanks to FEMA, which I have nothing but thanks for, some 80 ft leaning pine trees were removed. This oak tree trunk, the 40 ft remainder is still in the woods, had to go too. We never once lit our fireplace last year, though we had firewood out the wazoo. Our winter was very mild. The fireplace is just for decoration in our living room.

Last night, the Jupiter's Girl radio show had on rainbow friend, Earendel, who told us what we missed at the last rainbow gathering in Colorado - July 1-7. It sounded heavenly to be in a national forrest with 35,000 conscientious brothers and sisters. Those few hours of silence on July 4th must have been a very powerful vortex dedicated to bringing our humanity, and cooperative spirit, front and center.

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