Thursday, August 31, 2006

My guest on Jupiter's Girl last night - 8/30

Anne Beversdorf was such a great guest. We continued our conversation well after we went off the air. I had spoken to her the night before also. If not for my teenage and preteen children needing the one and only phone line too, I'd have stayed on the phone as long as she was willing.

I learned a lot from her, and got answers to nagging issues which have preoccupied my mind for years. She is an awesome Astrologer - skilled in Vedic and Western astrology. I had a mental block, and a chip on my shoulder, when it comes to Indian Astrology. She knocked off my chip. I don't know that it will spur me on to learning more in that field; Western is deep and complex enough for me - and it gives me useful information when I am trying to help a client, but the helpfulnes of Vedic Astrology is undeniable.

The show is available for the next two weeks at Anne is available for consults and I highly recommend her. You can't beat a Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Virgo (7th house too) as a counselor. Helpful, humble, articulate, clearly sizing up a situation and how to remedy it.

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Anne Beversdorf said...

Hi Janine! I'm new to web links and have put up a new site that immediately found my name on YOUR site---so this hello is just that--a "hello" that you don't need to post at all. But I do want to let you know about my sites: and (tapestries).
It was GREAT seeing you in Sedona last fall!