Saturday, August 26, 2006

What's the weather forecast?

We here in traumatized Louisiana can't get enough of weather reports right now. It is triggering everyone's stories about the days leading up to, the day of, and the days that immediately followed being hit by Hurricane Katrina.

It was freaky weird from my vantage point. Being an Aquarian, I enjoy storms. They are electrifying and exciting. I used to think we would never get hit - being under some protective mojo the voodoo people in the French Quarter conjured up. I no longer have that false sense of security and think they are all coming for us now.

I am up early. I told my husband to go get some gas. We have a generator now and have plans to only use it at night to run our well, and the window unit we bought. It is a wonder we survived without A/C for 5 days before getting the one little window unit and generator. We were lucky to only be without electricity for only two weeks. Others waited months. Nervous Nellie here. We've got a lot of people living in little Fema trailers. Oy vey.

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