Monday, August 28, 2006

We dodged it; phew.

Ernesto means nothing to us now. Mui bueno. Sorry for Cuba, and sorry to Florida too, though maybe it won't be so bad after Cuba's mountains tone it down.

I can't afford another hurricane at this time. That $98 a week unemployment I got after my uninsured store was destroyed didn't enable me to save anything. I amassed more debt on top of what I already owed in the months following Katrina, as I struggled to get back on my feet. I am not feeling sorry for myself, though. So many have it worse than I do. I still have a house to sleep in.

And now, besides a couple of paying clients here and there, and after trying 4 other jobs since January, I am thankful to have a job in the restaurant industry. I don't dislike the job as much as I used to. The comment someone left me in the "Tip Your Waiter/Waitress" entry is just some of the crap I feel coming from the occasional customer that makes the job unpleasant sometimes. You can tell the type - they have demands that set them up for misery, and then they spread that around like butter.

There is this old man that comes to the restaurant semi-regularly, and the other wait staff don't like to wait on him because he is full of demands and complaints. He may be right about some of his issues, but his superiority attitude is a dark cloud that assaults us and there is no way he will be pleased. I volunteered to serve him the last time he came in, and being aware of his strong likes and dislikes, gave him perfection in service. I listened to his disgruntled criticisms of this and that with a smile and sympathy, and got a 20% tip for my troubles. We pool tips at work, so I felt like I did the whole staff a favor by being receptive towards him instead of defensive. It worked.

So, the lady who left that long, angry sounding comment - I still hold out the olive branch and wonder how miserable her life must be if such small things like not getting the extra ranch dressing with her wings sets her off so.


Springs1 said...

"I still hold out the olive branch and wonder how miserable her life must be if such small things like not getting the extra ranch dressing with her wings sets her off so."

Because, you just don't get that in mostly EVERY restaurant I go to and 80% of the times I go to the SAME restaurants, they FORGET my condiments. It's a MAIN part of my meal. I like ribs with a LOT of bbq sauce. I like a burger with a lot of mayo, some mustard, and fries with ranch. I have been so IRRITATED with "WAITING" to eat when my food arrives without the condiments, I have started to ask servers to bring condiments BEFORE my meal arrives, because I am just getting SICK of either them forgetting or a food runner forgetting. When my food arrives, I would like to start eating the way I like to. You just don't get how condiments are so VERY important to go with meals. I even order ranch with mozzerella sticks. If you can just understand how it's irritating that the *SAME* person that took your order can't VERIFY what the heck they are taking you, which shows how much they don't care about your food. So I don't care as much about their tip. The server CAN verify if something is missing or not. There's NO REASON to take a burger and fries without ranch if the person ordered a side of ranch. I wonder where's the EFFORT in my service when that happens. If someone else takes me my food, that's different, but if it's the SAME PERSON that took my order, it really makes that person look stupid. Think about it. I order let's say beans as my side and you take me fries. It's like "DUH" situation. If you write it down, there's NO EXCUSE to bring my food wrong, NONE! If you can prevent a mistake, WHY wouldn't you for your tip sake and out of being a "CARING" human being, instead of an "UNCARING" one as you seem to be not to verify what you are taking to people. It seems you don't care about people's dining experiences, so WHY should they care as much about your tip? Treat others the way you'd like to be treated! It just seems like servers don't care if you are happy or not, by not verifying the food.

Jupiter's Girl said...

Like I said before, you set yourself up for misery.

One of my sisters hates mayo. In this part of the country, mayo goes on every poboy sandwich. She states it as clearly as possible "no mayonnaise". She'll repeat it "plain" roast beef and gravy. She'll get the understanding nod, maybe even a repeat, and then a sandwich with mayo. What is that about? I don't know.