Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Orleans spirit

My friend, Cathy (also known to my friends and family as Cathy Williams Stajdel Luminais Reynolds Luminais because of her many incarnations in this life), also called Catherine by those acqaintences that she made in the recent years, moved into a shotgun house in uptown New Orleans a week ago. She has vision, and an indomitable spirit. She makes small spaces turn into artistic havens. I think she is even feeling inspired again and may make some art.

It has been an artistically dry time for years as C.W. (another of her names) did what she could to survive living in the culturally barren and socially regressed place of Reserve, LA. Those are her paintings behind her which she had just hung. She is taking her time finding the right place for her just-the-thing-for-it. I was her roommate over 25 years ago. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Cathy is Jupiter's Girl also. She has Saj rising, with Moon and Saturn conjuncting it. When Pluto conjoined those three points, while squaring her Virgo Sun, she had her hands and mind full - taking care of early childhood memories and her present day responses to them. Actually, she resisted with all her might and still ended up living with her mother. Talk about facing your demons... Her structure changed a few times (Pluto conjunct Saturn). And so did the way others viewed her (Pluto conjunct Ascendant).

Now, it is time to take those transformations and do something with them. She never lost the faith (Jupiter rules faith), though the challenges seemed insurmountable at times. She is raising a dynamo of a daughter. Acadia is in the gifted and talented program at a N.O. magnet school. She is g&t academically, artistically, and in G&T drama now too. How they thrived in Reserve, I will never know. It is an hour's drive, and a world away.

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