Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday nights off

I feel greatly relieved to not have my Wednesday evenings tied up with the radio broadcast of Jupiter's Girl. I just wanted to give all of my guests an honorable mention for sharing information - which I consider to be Light.

First up, my friend, Earendel. He spoke on esoteric Astrology the very first broadcast. He also returned in the summer to speak about the latest Rainbow gathering that was held in Colorado this past July 4th.

There was Jim Leasure - Astrologer/Artist/Intuitive - check out Jim's artwork on his web-site. It is beautiful work. Rashanna - peace activist with messages of hope and love. Sandra Slifer - Feng Shui consultant/activist and all around good soul. There was Anne Beversdorf - Astrologer with understanding of Vedic and Western systems and remedies for what ails in a chart. My re-located friend, Zabe Barnes - Healer extraordinaire. Zabe shared her wisdom and personal background of recovery.

James Braha - Astrologer/Author; James wrote a book about non-dualistic thinking called "Living Reality". There's nothing like NOW to bring about serenity. He is a wonderful astrologer - Western and Vedic, but devotes his focus to other things now - including bringing about an awareness of what being present is good for.

Also up - two Stevens in a row; Steven Forrest - an evolutionary astrologer and author. I bought two of his books and resonate very strongly with his philosophies of reincarnation and the evolving soul. Before him was Steven Sakellarios who has a most comprehensive documentary and web-site devoted to bringing about awareness of reincarnation. There was Cayelin Castell = a Shamanic Astrologer with a wonderful web-site that tells of upcoming planetary aspects and forces for change.

Another Astrologer that joined me was Jeff Jawer. You can sign onto his web-site for your personal planetary aspects that come delivered "free" in your e-mail. Jeff and his partner, Rick Levine, teach Astrology, and give daily forecasts that apply to the whole.

Diane Gaye was my favorite Jupiter's Girl. Diane is an Astrologer. I had hoped she would take over the program, but at this time, she is full of obligations and wouldn't be able to commit. I recommended that she do readings on the air for individuals that gave permission in exchange for a free reading. That would show the public what good Astrology can do for harmonizing an individual with their life and environment.

Others who agreed to share their light and love were Nor Sivad, the station owner and a man with vision. He has his own two hour program that airs on Mondays, I think. There was also Cynthia Long, who shared some Oracular poetry.

Nori Muster, a very interesting artist and activist, shared all kinds of insights and continues to on her web-site which is an I CHING resource I frequent. And there was Maria Griener who did a mini-meditation, having listeners join forces during Beltane.

My last guest, October 4th (available for another week or so) was Robert Wilkinson, a most erudite and intelligent astrologer. Like me, he is also an actor. He lives in L.A. Lucky him. California is so beautiful, on the whole. It was very fun to talk to another Astrologer.

I don't get to speak the language as often as I'd like to. My friend, Diane, and I get to chew the fat in our astro-speak, on a pretty regular basis, but it is sometimes difficult for us to find an open window of time - what with both of us working and living in different areas of the country.

And then last, but definitely not least, I wish to thank Barry Carter for doing what he does. Check out ORMUS. If Jupiter's Girl did anything, it pointed listeners in the right direction for their continued development into healthier, happier, more fulfilled individuals - contributing their light and love to the whole.


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