Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the last one

I just finished my last radio interview as Jupiter's Girl on I had Robert Wilkinson of as my guest. How easy was that to just trigger a response from a wonderful, articulate astrologer? I had the easy job of just listening.

Doing the show has been a hoot and a half. Now, it is on to other things for me, though this blog will be a constant. For a while, anyway. My previous guests and their particulars are listed on my web-site, (of course). They all deserve an applause for adding their light and love into the ethers of which we all breathe and get our being from.

And I will always be Jupiter's Girl. Unless, Uranus wants to duke it out with the Lord of Grace. And there's always Venus that could give Jupiter a run for his money. Let's not forget Mercury. Without Mercury, one would forget.

Nah, Jupiter wouldn't stoop so low and I surrender to his grace and wisdom. Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.


Hitori said...

Thank you for hoppin' by my blog. Interesting blog name...Jupiter's Girl.

Catchy. =)


Jupiter's Girl said...

Thanks, Hitori. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. My comments were backed up somewhere and nobody told me.

I liked your blog.

I am Jupiter's Girl. I have an open, optimistic attitude that is rich with philosophy and love for humanity - as a whole.