Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jupiter's Girls

This is Cathy, ChaCha, and I a couple of days ago at City Park in New Orleans. Right before this picture, Cathy's keys were rescued from her locked and running car by a good samaritan. Saturn was saying things like - "you always do something like this, when will you learn?, it's going to cost you $50 that you don't have, you'll never get it open, the engine's going to burn up, everyone around here hates you for doing stupid stuff." And then good old Jupiter chimed in, "don't worry, I'll send someone to rescue you, it'll all work out, nobody's being hurt, relax, the car will still run when you need it, see?" Cathy was playing the part of Saturn that afternoon. I role-played Jupiter. Saturn sometimes wants to slap Jupiter's face. Ha. Foiled again, Saturn. Take your limitations and punishment elsewhere.


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