Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Boys and their toys

I read that somewhere on two different blogs today. It must be boys-and-their-toys day I figure. Here are several of my nephews playing with their toys Christmas evening. One of my older nephews got a much coveted Wii the other day. He is the one that wants to major in whatever major gets one into the graphics and styles field for computer games. At least that interest is transferring into marketplace skills.

It is a very different evening when my son has friends over than when my daughter has friends over. The girls are noisy with music and laughter, making up dances or plays for me to watch. When the boys are plugged in, we don't see them again until they surface to wipe out the pantry. And after the gorge, they go back to my son's cave and hibernate again - plugged back into their games. I always insist they get outside for at least some of the visit. That's how mean I am.

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