Monday, January 15, 2007

Dare I care?

I may have been one of the few people in New Orleans, and thereabouts, who didn't watch the Saints game Saturday night. I was busy watching (sweet) Richard Gere in "Shall We Dance". Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon were very good too, but He always impresses me. I liked the movie a lot.

Michael kept yelling for me to come watch the game with him. And then he was just plain yelling. It was an exciting game from what I hear now and heard then. Just seeing some energy and enthusiasm everywhere one goes around here now is fun even if I don't like football.

I was thinking of how much money all tipped employees are going to be making in Chicago next weekend during the playoffs. I worked at the N.O. Airport for Host International (F&B) when New Orleans hosted one of the Superbowls. I also worked at the Airport Hilton years later when N.O. hosted another Superbowl. All managers and employees were pyched up for those events. And we were only on the periphery of those teams' hard work payoff. Crowds of pumped up and happy people were fun to be in. Money flowed and the wheels were greased.

Sports competitions aren't my thing. I am just so glad to see some animation and joy in my community again. Geaux Saints!!!

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