Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Speaking of force...

I was forced to help my daughter with a science project that she was forced to do. She got an EFF on the science paper associated with this lesson. It's about electricity and energy. The project was to make a bug, put a light in it, and then connect it to a battery to light it. Oy vey. My 12 year old has less interest in electricity than I do - except for the use of it.

I can speak on energy in ethereal terms, but the science escapes me. And I detest having to do a project on it. It's magic to me. I told her to just take an eff on it. I don't care. This will not cause her to fail the 6th grade. I was not happy about taking her all around in the rain last night, at the final hours before it is due, to spend yet more money at Radio Shack getting parts we didn't know about before visiting her friend whose Dad put hers together. Another classmate had someone put hers together too.

They still know next to nothing about lighting, but a lot more about putting a ladybug together that can house a light. I hope we get an "A".


Kim Ayres said...

So was it a necessary part of the design that the ladybug had to have the battery attached to its a** to make it work?

Jupiter's Girl said...

The wires were connected to the mystery container which houses the bulb and then had to connect to the 9V battery to be turned on. That was the point - get the light on without a switch. And then slap the teacher.