Thursday, January 25, 2007

Colonel Pooper

Just a little wish that Coloner Pooper, aka Charlie Callahan, would drop us a line to let us know what's going on with him. He had an extraordinary way with words and used them to comment on our blogs, plus had his own "Used Kitty Litter".

What a witty man. He was dying of lung cancer and had nothing left to lose. He wrote essays and posted them on his blog - which then got turned into a book. It was excellent writing, with profound messages that always touched me. He wrote me privately once. He said he used to not believe in any of that mumbo jumbo, but now appreciates Astrology and some of the other (seemingly) wacky tools for self-understanding.

I googled his name and his blog name and got nothing for my trouble. He may have made the big transition already. I don't know.

I would love to hear from him. If you ever read this, Charlie, I wish you well.


Kim Ayres said...

I sent Charlie an email over New Year asking him to let me know if he was still alive. I didn't hear back from him. Either he isn't, or he isn't up to answering, or he's changed his email.

Jupiter's Girl said...

I sent him one months ago, and one just yesterday. They weren't returned, so I will assume he is silently pleading the fifth amendment, which is about not saying anything that might incriminate you in a court of law, or no comment. I respect that.

Or, he might be too sick to care about what's going on in the wacky wide world of webbing.