Monday, January 22, 2007

"The Secret"

The Secret is no secret. I have read and heard of these things before. After watching the video of "The Secret", I layered this new information onto "The Power of Now" which would have one be a little less aggressive about pursuing desires. If you just hold the space for wonders to happen, they will.

Like that ring story below, I didn't think I would ever run into that man again, so I didn't entertain the thought that I'd recover the ring. It was more of a lament than a feeling. The emotion I felt was 'wistful'. Who knew it was so powerful?

There were many, many things that I consciously willed into being by thinking "wouldn't it be nice if I had _______________?" I challenge the Universe to provide experiences or things for me a lot. It happens so often that I am very aware that my thoughts create my reality.

Most of the time, my desires lie in passive mode as I take Life as it comes, with a belief that it's all good. What I don't think is Good is usually good for something, so I accept, and possibly embrace, whatever my reality is reflecting back at me.

It was a good, mind-expanding video. It helped me overcome the feeling that if I get what I want, somebody else might go without. "The Secret" hammered home the idea that it is an abundant Universe and that there is plenty for everyone.

There is controversy about the way the movie is marketed, and controversy about the things expounded on within the video, but overall - it can powerfully uplift and cleanse outmoded and negative thinking which only puts limitations on One's happiness and fulfillment.

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