Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Evolutionary Astrology

My guest on Jupiter's Girl at outoftimeradio.com tomorrow night at 7pm CDT is the Chair of the Advisory Council for Keppler College, Steven Forrest of www.stevenforrest.com. He and Jeff Greene (of Pluto book fame) have written a book together, and teach classes for astrologers wanting to delve into evolutionary astrology. The first of 7 core perceptions are:

1. An acceptance of the fact that human beings incarnate in a succession of lifetimes.

Mr. Forrest and Jeff Greene contend that the birthchart, and the methodologies they teach for interpreting that, measure the growth of the soul from life to life. They also say that evolutionary astrology is characterized less by a technical approach than by a set of philosophical principles defined by natural law.

And if that weren't enough, next week's guest, July 5th, Stephen Sakellarios, has filmed a documentary on reincarnation. Stephen wrote to me, and I paraphrased...

"An acceptance of reinarnation would blow this society wide open in many respects.

Now, imagine that the country, as a whole, embraced these realities. Suddenly, a great portion of the professors, and their books; preachers, and their churches; doctors, and their hospitals; geneticists, and their funded research; and many more holders of legitimacy in this society would be seen as being not only wrong, but fundamentally and seriously wrong about their respective fields. It would turn the pattern of legitimacy in this society upside down. The people who were seen as nuts would suddenly appear sane; and the people who were looked up to as the bastions of sanity would suddenly appear insane.

Reincarnation is the loose brick in the foundation of materialism. It has been scientifically proven; but so far the scientific mainstream and the religious mainstream have succeeded in holding it in obscurity by ridicule and sophistry. If it ever breaks out, it will render both of them obsolete in one stroke. So, this is why I am focusing all my energy on that one brick. Because materialism must go to make way for what Meher Baba calls the "New Humanity," the coming era when intellect will be enlivened by intuition and deeply guided by true spiritual understanding."

Should be an interesting next couple of broadcasts. They will be accessible for two weeks after they air. If most of us know there is no death, then wouldn't we act like it and recognize that we are all made of the same stuff? Karma, and the saying "what goes around comes around," should have us behaving better towards each other. I love that sitcom "My Name is Earl." The concept is great, and most of all - laughable.


Jo said...

Got you on my favorites, hope to hear tomorrow night's broadcast, will let you know what I think. I am on sloooow dial up so I can only hope it comes through.
Peace, love and light,

Jupiter's Girl said...

That shouldn't be a problem. I am on dialup too. When you click on the link, or the file, it just opens it up for listening. You don't download anything.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jo. Peace, love and light to you too, my friend.