Thursday, June 01, 2006

New job

I started a new job today; my 4th one this year, not counting that I still do Astrological consults (one of my two passions besides mothering - the other passion is acting) I finally figured out that my frequent job changes has to do with natal Uranus in my 6th house, trining my MC. That placement of Uranus will not let me settle into a job for long. Actually, I think it is built in protection from becoming stagnant in the work place. I don't know where my road is leading me to this time, but I am sure it will be interesting. I have never made cappucino before. My trainer is the 11 year old nephew of the owner. It was mostly just he and I entertaining each other today; watching "Valiant" (it was cute), playing crazy 8's, and I showed him a card trick he can now perform. He made up concoctions of frozen coffee drinks and made up games and pretended they weren't made up. I called him on yanking my chain more than once. I want to adopt him.

The above picture is Polina, aged 4. She spent the night at my house this past Friday. I took her for a walk in my woods - beating off mosquitoes from her arm, though she was sprayed with repellent. She's a sweet potato of a girl.

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