Saturday, June 24, 2006

That wasn't so bad

My first day on the job at the New Orleans Bistro in Lacombe was a good day. The lunch hustle went by fast and then I was offered an Eggplant Pirogue. It was a breaded, hollowed out eggplant half, stuffed with shrimp and crawfish (and yucky mushrooms), topped with parmesan and broiled for a minute. It was so delicious. I can serve the food with pride, in an establishment that is designed with finesse. The co-owner I worked with yesterday calls himself a perfectionist and though he has two degrees, one in horticulture - the other one isn't being used either, but I forget what it was - he prefers what he is doing. It shows.

I can only do this with a good attitude if I take some college classes and work towards a degree I will be using.

I wonder if is still producing. I'm going to go look. He made waiting tables sound so noble.

I just checked. He still has a post there that I read with sheer delight, and made a note of his new site at His writing will go a long way to making me feel okay about what I am doing. I am not alone.


Jo said...

Sounds like a good job. And lookey here, I rake and clean up trash out of people's back yards, both in unreasonable heat and the pay is sometimes not so good!! Service is service. Buddha says right living. It is a right living that counts.
Wonder where Julia got the idea that you would drink on a job?
How are your hours and days?
Meet me soon, I have not seen you for a long time.
We are celebrating our 26th year of marital bliss Weds. I spending the day cleaning some rich ladies yard!
Oh well no rest for the wicked.

Jupiter's Girl said...

So cool, Jo. Happy anniversary to you and Gerald.

This week's schedule is Tuesday lunch, Thursday and Saturday dinner. I am pretty certain that the shifts will grow when the other very much younger gals start wanting some vacation time.

I don't know where Julia gets that idea. Maybe she sees other mothers drinking and she doesn't want me to start.

I was talking out loud at the grocery store and asking myself did I want a 6-pack of Abita beer for the Superbowl hoopla (this was months ago, obviously), and she answered me, "no, you don't." I didn't get the 6-pack. If it is going to make her nervous, I wouldn't want to do that. I don't need the fat anyway. That's the big clincher - not my daughter's insecurity, but how will I look after.

Jo said...

I am up to my knees in Gerald's life until next week. Keep me posted on your schedule, if you would like to meet for tea, coffee, lunch a walk, let me know.

Jupiter's Girl said...

Did you get many blueberries this year? Karla gifted me last week. I shared some. They are so good. I love summer for the fruit that's in season.

Mmmm, watermelon.

Jo said...

Not as many as last year, kept some gave most away. I am not a watermelon fan, though Gerald is. I love cantaloupe,so sweet. Gerald got me one yesterday.
Got a bunch of Creole tomatoes and avacadoes. I am making a cold avacado and cucumber soup.

Jupiter's Girl said...

That soup sounds awesome. I love tomatoes and avocados. Cantaloupe too. You are such a good cook, Jo. If you open a restaurant, I'd come wait tables out that way. They need some good food out there in your neck of the woods. Karla told me of houses for sale in her hood. I love it out that way. Such beautiful country.

I just ate a whole mango by myself. I was intending for Michael to share it with me, but he was eating lunch of a roast beef sandwich at 10 a.m. To each his own. The mango was delicious.