Thursday, June 22, 2006

My new job

I got a flat tire in front of a restaurant last week, which has now become my employer. I just knew it had to be synchronicity putting me there, doing that. I am backtracking into a profession where I can go in to work cash-poor and come out with money in my pocket. It is one of the finer restaurants in town - menu items with to-die-for sauces and decent prices - which will heighten the tip factor. Let's face it, I will only be doing this for the money, and not because I feel called to serve, though that is what I will be doing, and also what I believe I am here on this Earth for.

I had a different kind of service in mind, but things could definitely be worse. My imagination shows pictures of what is worse. So, I will count my blessings and try to do a good job, make some money, and maybe write a book, or go back to school to get a degree in the mental health field. That would take immense effort and I don't know if I am up for that. I can't make myself stay up to read or study. As usual, whenever I have taken the dozen or more jobs in the f&b industry, I am always trying to figure a way out.

I'll keep on with the radio program, Jupiter's Girl, on (hit the 'eclectic link'), interviewing some of the finest minds in the metaphysical fields, mostly from an astrological perspective, but definitely enhanced by astrology, and not limited to just that. Next week, June 28th show (which is available for two weeks after it airs), my guest is the Chair of the Advisory Council for Keppler College. He is a witty astrologer, who has written a handful of books - Steven Forrest, I am mainly interested in his take on evolutionary astrology.

My daughter tells me not to drink on the job. I don't know where she got the idea I would drink. I am such a sober Mom, though I love beer. I have been abstaining from that pleasure because, though I love a cold brew, I don't love the fat gathering at my mid-section. I would rather not look pregnant when I am not pregnant.

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