Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My latest headshot

This picture got me two days of "extra" work on a film. The first day was to be last week, but I missed it. They were asking for us extras to bring 6-9 church outfits - dresses with hats and gloves, matching purses and shoes; no red, black, or white. I wonder what hoop they'll ask us to jump through this weekend when I am scheduled to be an "extra" again. To hell with it. Hollywood needs me more than I need them

1 comment:

Jo said...

Hey, what a great picture of you, very professional!!
How did the other job interview go? I almost hope it did not go. Trust in your own energy. You sure have lots of it. Your determination in pursuing what is right for you and not selling out to the mundane will not go unnoticed.
Much love,