Friday, June 09, 2006

June 2006 Full Moon in Sagittarius 6/11

I seem to find myself in the trenches all the time, working with common folk that have such severe issues. Today, I called social services on the owner of the coffee house I am working at because he is abusive towards his 11 year old (5 planets in Scorpio) great nephew whom he has custody of. He orders that boy around like a slave and calls him by the name "knucklehead". I have told him something about his name-calling many times. When I got to work today, the boy, who is a very stoic soul that does anything he is told to do, had a black eye. My young friend has had more troubles than you can shake a stick at. He said he wants me to help him get out of his situation. His whole family is troubled. My husband yells at me to not get involved. You can't tell someone with Pisces rising that. What if that 11 year old boy were me? Or one of mine? I fear the boy will say something to the uncle. I need to find a new way to make money immediately. That didn't pay enough anyway. What will happen to my friend that I have sort of bonded with? He is very adorable.

I tried to get out of the day of being an "extra" tomorrow. It is more hoop-jumping for sure. Maybe I can pass out my Jupiter's Girl business cards. I will try not to bring my negativity with me.

It will be a full moon weekend. Check out the latest broadcast of Jupiter's Girl on Cayelin Castell of had the best information about the upcoming planetary events surrounding the next two full Moons (june and July) and also the solstices for the rest of the year. Auspicious occasions with evolutionary energies.

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