Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jupiter's placement for November

Somebody has been searching for this information and finding my blog. As a courtesy, Jupiter's placement is 27 degrees of Scorpio, traveling with Venus 26 deg Scorpio.

That conjunction is squaring my Sun today - and I'm not sweating it. Excessive pride, overexagerations, laziness, spending too much money. Well, that last one maybe... I need new shoes and I am taking my Mother out for her birthday, which was yesterday.

Mars, Mercury, and the Sun are also traveling in Scorpio's constellation. Still waters are running deep in all of us. On the surface, things are going along as they should, but underneath it all - the thoughts are more contemplative - seeing the light and the dark in all things. Yin-Yang.

Mercury is conjuncting my Neptune today. I am forewarned to try to be very clear, but not to expect others to understand me anyway. Oh, great!! I'll use it for what it is good for, which is imaginative and artistic expression. Neptune is sort of my ruler - rules my Ascendant, which it trines. Mars is sextiling my Saturn, good for getting some work done.

I like my new job - merchandising. It truly is a Zen thing to do; organizing, emptying boxes, finding the spot for the item. I am still helping others, just in a new capacity. I get asked where something is all the time by shoppers. I have been very thoughtful about our collective consumerism too. The products that are out there now, one would never have to cook again. There are so many gourmet convenience items. It gives me inspiration for what's for dinner. Last night, I made potato soup, salad, and good french bread.

I got hit on twice yesterday; one was not put off when I said I was married. He said, "so?" I had to say "happily" before he would leave me alone.

I am happily married. Michael and I are on the same page now. We were discussing work related things last night at supper, and my daughter told us that's all we talk about now. We had to change the subject for the time, but later picked it back up. I like working with him and vice versa. We are a good team. "Lucky for this company to have us", I'd say.

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