Thursday, November 09, 2006

Living for tomorrow

I have gotten myself into a situation. I have borrowed against a future that keeps eluding me. I am currently on hold with a credit card company - desiring an increase in the limit. I must pay bills and my first paycheck - which will be quickly absorbed - will not come in for another week and a half.

Tears of joy and relief; with some finagling - I got the increase I needed by decreasing the limit on another credit card. Now I can pay the car note, insurance, and the extras my children need for field trips, school projects, fundraisers, and a gift for my son's friend who is having a party. I can put gas in the car, and pay for the dessert for my circle supper dinner tomorrow. I let a friend off the hook for the $25 he owed me for two months. It was his birthday and his finances are almost as bad as mine. Yesterday he needed food. I tore up his check.

This is just another investment in my destiny, one which has me rich beyond my dreams. Gotta love credit.

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