Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The company I work for has over 15,000 products they represent. Michael and I have tried many of them now as we have been inspired by the foods out there. Last week, there was a major hustle to get enough of your favorite food items and resources to the shelves of grocery stores in preparation for the biggest feasting day of the year. Pilgims and Native Americans never had it so good with all the convenience foods that are marketed now. So much variety and ease of turning out something delicous.

The stores I work at play nice music. They are interrupted frequently to broadcast commercials for the store chain. One of them says rapidly and with a jingle, "cough, cough, cough." I thought they were saying, "go, go, go" and when I imitated it to Michael, he corrected me and then I heard the line of cough medicine advertised. There is also a commercial for the flu shot paid for by the American Lung Association that actress Jean Smart does the voice-over work for. I have had to tune it out. I do not want any funky programming going into my subconscious mind. And mainly, I don't trust flu shots.

I wonder about subliminal messages behind the music and what it might be; don't steal, buy products, watch more tv, eat sugar, whatever. Michael and I have amused ourselves trying to make up some potential subliminal messages. I hate to be suspicious. It really is nice music that they play. I see people drumming on the grocery baskets as they are wandering around the store trying to decide what to buy. That may account for some of the more illogical purchases my husband has brought home from the store; the music.

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