Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I am thankful...

... for my children - they bring the best out in me. I am very thankful that they are healthy, happy children whose minds I adore.

... for the woods behind my house. Walking is good exercise and the beauty and diversity of the vegetation fills me with ecstasy.

... that my husband and I reconciled our differences years ago and grew together again.

... for my house and everything in it. Last night's news informed the many Fema trailer dwellers how to use their heaters safely during our almost freezing temps.

... that I have running water and electricity. We were without for two weeks after Hurricane Katrina. I can imagine what that would be like to live without those two precious commodities indefinitely and wouldn't want to.

... for a job that I like doing; an income that meets my needs, and food everyday. I wish that for everyone.

... for clothes that fit. Thanks to Old Navy and my credit card. I have changed sizes every year for the past 6. Down, then up, up, up, now down again.

... for all of the different jobs that I have had. I gained new skills at each of them.

... for my big family. I will have 32 people at my house for Thanksgiving. That is just the immediate family. My house is small, so many will flow out onto the deck and in the backyard. I have told them to bring boots or hiking shoes. May no one get snake-bit, poison ivy, or hurt playing on piled up dead trees.

... for my car, camera, laptop, dsl, jewelry, essential oils, other miscellaneous items.

... that Reva didn't really die on "The Guiding Light". That would have been her 3rd or 4th death. I wonder how she pulled back from the brink this time.

... for where I AM Now and for your reading of my blog entry.


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