Friday, November 10, 2006

Go West

I want to move out west. Actually, I'd like to keep my home and family here in Mandeville, while I live a bi-local existence. I am scared to completely uproot, and it makes my Mother weepy to hear that I wish to move.

I often feel like a freak in this city of bible-programmed people. I have intuitive gifts, and don't know what the heck to do with my Reiki Mastery, other than long-distance healing on people that come into my awareness that need some.

Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California, West Texas are all contenders for my future livelihood. Seattle could be too, though I fear instead of helping the depressed people there, I'll become depressed too - being an empath and all. I feel other's feelings and might get bogged in another's darkness if I don't take constant measures to offset it; calling on the Light, burning sage, meditation, exercise, eating right.

How do I get there from here? It will take money to do a little reconaissance to see if that is even viable for me. My friend recently travelled through those parts and picked up publications from Crestone, Co and other places. The way of life in those parts seems so much more progressive and thoughtful than where I am. It also seems like a highly competitive area for a non-competitive person like myself. Maybe the area is saturated with others like me. I'll never know by sitting and wishing.

One fear I have to get over is of driving in mountainous terrain. What about driving mountainous terrain in snow? My guides tell me I'll acclimate and overcome the fear while remaining respectful of the fact that one could just accidentally do a Thelma and Louise. It couldn't be worse than staying put, getting more in debt, and hiding my gifts so I'll fit in. I often encounter fear when I tell people that I am an astrologer. Then rejection. Then, I generate my own fears of there being something wrong with me.

I wish to escape. (thanks, Neptune)

Putting groceries away isn't that bad, but what did I study Astrology for? I am doing readings on Saturdays. I love to enable others to see the light through the dark images the mind conjures. Light eliminates the dark.

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