Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July.

It is just another day to me. I have been writing to some very nice Brits. We were almost related, if not for the events that took place to sever our dependency. Their influence on me is still noticeable. When writing to one of them recently, I used the word 'bum' to discuss what I would normally call a behind, or if I am feeling coarse - 'ass'.


Charlie said...

Thanks for all of the photos. And those beignets make my mouth water.

Jupiter's Girl said...

I think I have the trick for making beignets good now. I have been making them a couple of times a week now; whenever my two children have overnight guests.

I hate to bore anyone with my pictures. I take a lot of them - most of them turn out bad, but now and then, you can make out what the picture is supposed to be of.