Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jupiter conjunct Neptune

"This is a time of heightened intuition during which you feel tempted to explore a more spiritual or artistic side of life."

That's just the first line of the paragraph from my computer generated transit reports. The rest is something about being a martyr and being careful to help only someone who wants to be helped, as opposed to someone who'll just drag me down with them, I guess.

If that was a problem, transiting Mars is opposite my natal Sun today which gives this flavor: "High energy output. Difficulties in controlling energy release. The urge to take action, often without thinking. Self-preservation urges. Conflicts/arguments. Ego competition. Physical injury or illness. Muscular stress. Bodily reactions."

Oy vey.

And then this: The Sun and Mercury are in the 25th degree of Cancer today - opposite my Venus/Mars in the 11th. It's not all good, I tell ya. I should just shut the hell up today and not pick fights for no good reason. Wouldn't be prudent.

Sun opposite Mars - "The desire to fight; competitive reactions. Self-motivated reactions. Intense output of energy. Stressful muscular activity. Impulsiveness. Headstrong. Fever and temperature. Accidents and injuries."

I should have read that before going roller skating a couple of days ago. Transits start feeding the energies before the actual angle is struck. I am sore from falling a dozen times. Those wheels were defective, yet I obstinately kept going. I used to be a skating fool and I was determined to be graceful. My knees are telling me I wasn't very successful at it.

It isn't all bad, though. Venus in Gemini is creating some nice flows to my Sun and Moon. It is called a Grand Trine. And I'll take that Jupiter conjuncting my Neptune. It is also trine to my Ascendant and then my natal Mercury. That should be cool for meeting some righteous people.

Speaking of... Jupiter's Girl, on out of time radio this week, will host Nori Muster of www.surrealist.org. She is a very interesting lady with a lot of positive, practical ideas for visualizing and creating a harmonious society. It can be done. That's what Jupiter is good for. He sets up our interactions with society at large, to bring about consciousness. And I am Jupiter's Girl. There's millions of us.

I am reading Eckhart Tolle's latest book. I love his writing. It provides such a peaceful relief from insanity.

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