Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'll be in the Smoky Mountains if you need me.

Just till next week. I'd like to get a trip to Gulf Shores in before the end of the summer, which is soon. School starts Aug 14th. That's too soon. We just barely get into it and then it's evacuation time for hurricanes. Last year, the schools were closed for 5 weeks in my area during September and part of October. My kids didn't mind at all. I digress. I am going on vacation, leaving early in the morning. I am not even packed yet. I have made peanut butter cookies and tuna salad. The grocery and supply bin is organized. The carrots and broccoli are cut and bagged for snacking. And the kids and husband are packed and ready. My sister, Angela, went into premature labor and is on complete bedrest, so we will miss her. My oldest brother and his wife didn't want to join us. So, it will be my Mother, and six of her grown children and their families renting cabins in the mountains and communing. It should be nice, barring any encounters with bears, and even then, that might be cool to see.



Kim Ayres said...

Hope you have a great time!

Jupiter's Girl said...

Thanks, Kim. It was an effort, but I managed to enjoy most of the trip. The main thing was to not fall off any mountains. I kept getting images of driving too close to the edges of the road when I tried to get to sleep last night.