Monday, July 10, 2006

Bad day on the job

I have to quit my job. Again. This time, I lasted two weeks. Doing next year's taxes are going to be a bummer while I wait for all of my W2's to come in.

I am not waitress material anymore, if I ever was in the first place. We had a busy night, the cook got backed up, the owner was no where around, and all the blame for the fiasco went to me. If I didn't feel bad enough, the wait-staff, with one exception, hates me. It didn't help that this owner/mgr. talked about me to them every time they went near him. One of the cooks told me that he was talking about me like I was a dog. I hate that more than waiting tables. So, I was getting it from irate customers, my co-workers, and my own inner world that was wondering how I get myself into such situations. I mean no harm to anyone. I just wanted to do a good job, make some money, and keep occupied. I would like to cavalierly say, "It's their loss." That's not how I feel, though.


Jo said...

One of the poems that I love that helps the student up the path, has a beautiful part saying that we all must have "courageous endurance of personal injustice". I believe this. Trust as you all-ways have the universe and its plan for you and humanity. My heart goes with you. You are a courageous soul.

Jupiter's Girl said...

Hey, Jo. I agree. I first start to crumble, and then I surrender to the moment. It got much better after I stood up for myself. I'll have to make a new entry.