Thursday, July 13, 2006

How Astrology helps

Last Saturday was an intensely bad night on the job. Orders were messed up, people walked out, co-workers were dissin' me. I went to quit the following Monday, but the co-owner smoothed it all over and we made an arrangement for my working that will satisfy me until I get my next assignment from on high, or within. I worked two days without a hitch since then, made some money, and saw many customers happily served. It restored my confidence and helped me overcome my distaste for the job.

I looked at the transits for Saturday night, and saw that the full Moon in Sagittarius was conjuncting Pluto which could cause intense encounters with others - pulling out deeply buried subconscious issues and bringing them to the fore. Uranus was intercepted part of that time, taking with it my Mercury - which caused many misunderstandings because the communication system was totally backed up and skewed, and at 9pm when it was the worst moments of the evening, Neptune was on the Ascendant everywhere. I think that was the main reason people didn't see one another for who they really are, which is aspects of themselves, and caused some to treat me pretty badly and blame the whole fiasco on me. We are all from the same source, made up of the same stuff. It is silly to pretend otherwise.

I forgive myself for being ignorant and not knowing how to fix the problems that occurred that night. I forgive the manager for making an ass of me and for his mistakes. I forgive my co-workers (two of them) for acting like the stepsister and brother to my Cinderella complex.


Jo said...

Glad you are feeling better and have reasoned it out.
Much peace and love to you,

Jupiter's Girl said...

Yesterday, Charmaine (don't know if you know her) and Karla and I went to the Bistro for lunch. Charmaine suggested it, Karla seconded it, and I would like to see the restaurant thrive so off we went in one car. Sure enough, the only waitress working was the girl who gave me such grief last Saturday. It looks as if bygones are bygones. I figured that I might have been unkind to her in a previous life, so I am working on ending that karmic cycle. The food is very good there. One of the cooks there says disparaging things about women being catty and not getting along. I hate that we have that image. He backed it up with "watch how they dibble over the bill, splitting it to infinity. Men don't do that." I can't argue there, but I see a reason for teh dibbling. Charmaine and I paid twice as much for our lunches than Karla. We ordered more expensive items.